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Product Image DVK522 Kit for Cubieboard2 Cubieboard A10 - Arduino Baseboard + 7" LCD + Modules

DVK522 Kit for Cubieboard2 Cubieboard A10 - Arduino Baseboard + 7" LCD + Modules

$119.99 $128.99

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DVK522 is an expansion board designed for Cubieboard1/2, integrates various components and interfaces for connecting external accessory boards. It’s ideal for Cubieboard evaluation and development.

  1. Cubieboard1/2 socket
  2. Cubieboard1/2 IO expansion ports
  3. TVOUT interface: video CVBS output, for connecting display devices like TV
  4. VGA interface: VGA output, for connecting monitor
  5. 7inch capacitive touch LCD RGB interface
  6. 7inch capacitive touch LCD LVDS interface
  7. 7inch resistive touch LCD RGB interface
  8. CAMERA interface: for connecting camera OV7670 modules
  9. ZIGBEE connector: for connecting ZigBee Core2530 modules, supports working with ZB501
  10. UART interface: for connecting UART modules, such as RS485 Board (3.3V), GPS module, etc.
  11. ONEWIRE interface: for connecting ONEWIRE devices (TO-92 package), such as temperature sensor (DS18B20).
  12. SPI0/I2C1 interface: for connecting SPI or I2C modules, such as MAG3110 Board, AT45DBXX Dataflash, etc.
  13. Arduino connector: for connecting compatible Arduino boards
  14. UART interface (PL2303TA): for connecting the UART0 of Cubieboard1/2 for debugging
  15. USB interface: USB TO UART (PL2303TA)
  16. ICSP interface: Arduino ICSP
  17. 5V/3.3V power input/output interface: usually used as power output, also common-grounding with other user board
  18. 12M crystal: for PL2303TA
  19. PL2303TA: onboard USB TO UART convertor
  20. RTC backup battery: 3.3V battery
  21. 32.768K crystal: for PCF8563
  22. PCF8563: onboard RTC chip
  23. Buzzer
  24. AD keys: 3 common Android keys (VOL+、VOL-、ESC)
  25. User LEDs: 8 LEDs
  26. Power indicator
  27. TVOUT jumper
  28. CAMERA power selection jumper
  29. RTC jumper
  30. RTC power selection jumper
  31. ONE-WIRE, Buzzer, and AD Keys jumper
  32. Arduino Port selection jumper: easily controlling the Arduino connection
  33. User LEDs jumper
  34. Arduino AD selection jumper
    • short the right: while connecting Arduino ADC shield
    • short the left: while connecting Arduino I2C shield
  35. Arduino UART selection jumper
    • short the right: while connecting Arduino UART shield
    • short the left: while connecting Arduino microcontroller board
    Product Details    
Package Include:  
1. DVK522 board x 1

2. 7" Capacitive Touch LCD x 1

3. AT45DBXX Dataflash Module x 1

4. MAG3110 Board x 1

5. DS18B20 x 1

6. UART GPS x1

7. USB WIFI BL-150UM RTL8188 x1

8. OV7670 Camera Module x 1

9. 4-pin 2-pin wires pack x 1

10. USB type A plug to mini-B plug cable x 1

11. Ethernet Cable x 1

12. 40-pin FFC x 1

13. LCD support-positioning screws pack x 1